Impulse Dynamics offers the following
reimbursement support for its trained physicians.

Reimbursement Resources for Physicians

Impulse Dynamics offers reimbursement support for its trained physicians and their staff, as well as for facilities where Optimizer® Smart and Optimizer® Smart Mini procedures are performed. We provide information to assist providers and facilities with coding, payment and coverage inquiries, as well as reimbursement case management to support patient access to the Optimizer® Smart and Optimizer® Smart Mini Systems. We deliver hands-on assistance for providers seeking insurance prior authorizations and appeals utilizing a patient-centered approach that ensures all avenues are pursued to provide access to CCM® therapy. Please utilize the resources below, or contact us for assistance.


Our guide has been created to provide information for appropriate billing of Impulse Dynamics Optimizer® Smart and Optimizer® Smart Mini Cardiac Contractility Modulation
systems, please download and review.

Patient Access Program Enrollment

FDA approval for Breakthrough Technologies often precedes the establishment of payment policies by commercial insurance companies. During this period of uncertainty,  Impulse Dynamics is determined to pursue all avenues to coverage for patients in need of this life-changing therapy. If you are a healthcare provider seeking insurance assistance with prior authorization or appeal for a patient in need of Optimizer® Smart, Optimizer® Smart Mini and CCM® therapy, please complete the Patient Access Program Enrollment form.

Access, Payment and Support

Impulse Dynamics is able to provide resources to assist you with Value Analysis and Technology Assessment, as well as to deliver payment analyses for your institution based on current Medicare rulemaking. Submit a contact form for additional information or assistance.

Reach Out to an Impulse Dynamics Representative

To learn more about the Optimizer® Smart and Optimizer® Smart Mini systems or how you can give your patients a renewed sense of hope with the breakthrough treatment approach, reach out to a representative today by calling (856) 642-9933.