Patient Stories


If you or a loved one are considering CCM® , you may find it helpful to talk to someone who has gone through a similar experience. CCM Patient Ambassadors are a group of heart failure patients who wish to share firsthand insight into what it’s like to live with heart failure and receive CCM® therapy for better quality of life.

CCM® therapy has already changed the lives of thousands of heart failure patients. Take a look at what patients say as they share their stories, and then talk to your physician about whether CCM may be right for you. Hope is Here!

Darlene’s Story

“Since CCM therapy, I have been able to go grocery shopping without a wheelchair — and do all the things we take for granted at my age. It’s amazing!”

Jessica’s Story

The energy level, the way you feel — you can be part of life instead of just watching it pass you by. It’s something that I will be forever thankful.”

Bob’s Story

I could feel the difference, I had more energy, it created a whole new me.

Lois’s Story

“The benefit that you get from it is that you get a better outlook on life. It just continues to improve all the time.”

Joann’s Story

What I like most about CCM therapy is that it gives me life!

Tom’s Story

The most surprising result of the CCM therapy was the ability to get back my life — not stopping for anything, like a godsend.

Marjorie’s Story

“I was able to walk farther, and I was like, wow! I’m walking — farther! And I’m not out of breath!

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