I feel much better having the Optimizer. Before I had the procedure, I wasn’t feeling much for getting up and working out. I felt fatigued — no energy and no desire. But now I’m feeling so well that I want to get up and just go! My energy levels have increased so much. I even went out and bought an old Volkswagen van to fix up — like I revitalized my life.

Implanted 10/2019 | Retired Police Officer

“I’m most grateful for what the Optimizer has made possible, allowing me to continue moving along — feeling strong.”

“Now I’m feeling so well that I want to get up and just go!”


I also work for the Arizona Motorcycle and Safety Awareness Foundation, where I assist with free motorcycle education and discounted helmets in the Arizona area. And while I try to help others, as I think back to the four years I spent in the U.S. Navy, I recall my exposure to agent orange. I believe that this impacted my health with heart failure.

When I was discharged from the navy, I worked as a police officer for 36 years — always trying to help the communities I lived in. I even volunteered for many different organizations, such as AZCEND, which helps people in Arizona with everything from food and shelter to education and other support services. But what I’m most grateful for is that the Optimizer has made it possible for me to continue moving along, feeling strong, so that I can keep doing my volunteer work for countless people that need me.

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