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Failure is Not an Option: Implementing CCM® from a HF and EP Perspective

Heart Failure is a progressive condition, and medical management strategies for this patient population has evolved over the years. This program will introduce CCM® therapy, review the action mechanism, and how the treatment works at the myocardial level. The faculty will review the clinical safety data surrounding the therapy as well as the indications for use. Evaluation and screening of patients that continue to be symptomatic from their heart failure indications despite being on guideline-directed medical treatment continue to be a challenge on all levels. Our faculty will discuss screening best practices, from both an electrophysiology and heart failure perspective, and how to establish a baseline for patients while giving them access to CCM® therapy that they may qualify to undertake.

Assessing Heart Failure Patients – Where does CCM® Therapy Fit?

Heart Failure is a progressive condition and medical management strategies for this patient population has evolved over the years. Assessment of Heart Failure utilizing the NYHA Heart Failure Classification System and EF have been used to diagnose patients and assist providers with optimizing medications and device therapy. This lecture will discuss the fundamental elements to assessing your heart failure patient classification and to stratify them for therapy that it is available for them. The program will introduce CCM® therapy as an option for patients that have NYHA Stage III heart failure and remain symptomatic despite guideline medical therapy. The Optimizer® was designed to improve overall heart function and quality of life for patients. CCM® indications will be discussed as well as best practices for screening patients for HCPs to offer this therapy for patients that qualify for this technology.

AHA Scientific Sessions 2020 – Live Rebroadcast and Q&A – CCM® for Heart Failure: The Class Effect

The importance of accurately assessing the NYHA classification of patients with Heart Failure has never been higher! For almost two decades, the only device available to treat Heart Failure have been cardiac resynchronization (CRT) devices. But now everything has changed. The FDA has approved a breakthrough device for the treatment of Heart failure, and the ability to utilize it depends heavily on accurate NYHA assessment. This treatment can address the almost 1.2M patients who are not candidates for CRT in the US, but only if cardiologists can identify and refer them appropriately. This lecture will explain what Cardiac Contractility Modulation therapy is, how it works, and what you can expect in terms of outcomes when utilizing this treatment for NYHA Class III patients who remain symptomatic in spite of guideline directed medical therapy. The faculty will share their personal experiences and what they have learned about CCM® therapy using case-based examples that include the means by which they have increased their awareness of how to identify appropriate candidates for this important new device therapy for patients with heart failure who have few or no other options.

Am I a candidate for CCM® Therapy?