Looking back on my life, I remember many challenges — just trying to do regular household chores was an ordeal, as I found myself lying around without energy. I had no life whatsoever. Unable to care for my six horses, I had to hire someone to take care of them. And without the strength to do anything, I became despondent with the feeling of uselessness.

My wife took on my responsibilities, including all of the driving, picking up groceries and other household items, and fetching an electric cart to help me move about different stores. I could no longer get around on my own — all of it gnawing away at me. Hopelessness — I relied on everyone and everything to do the most fundamental things.

Even my kidneys were impacted, dropping from 47% to 28% usability; if they were to deteriorate more, I would have been placed on dialysis with a low mortality rate hovering over my life. But hope soon arrived. And only 30 days after my Optimizer procedure, the tide began to turn! I re-engaged my horses and, taking it slowly, started riding them again only some months after the implant.

My life began turning around at an accelerated pace, affecting my kidneys with an eleven-point jump in functional usability; during that visit, my doctor said they would last through my 100th birthday! The first four to five months since the procedure turned my life around, dramatically helping me feel better, live better, and reintroduced me to hope and worth as I look forward to a future unimpeded by my condition. I feel reborn — like a completely new person — one who would highly recommend CCM therapy to anyone suffering from heart failure.