For about a month, I started feeling extremely weak and exhausted. My breathing was so bad that I had to sit up in a chair all day. I didn’t feel well and couldn’t see very well. I got an appointment with Dr. Chan, and he performed an echo. He told me I was back in CHF — because I only have seven percent of my stomach, which prevents me from taking any medication to help with my condition.

Date Implanted: 2/2021 | Walks Daily

“Overall, it is an incomparable experience to live again and enjoy life to the fullest.”

“The surgery was not hard at all — simpler than I thought ”


Dr. Chan introduced me to the Optimizer. I didn’t want to do it or go through surgery. I didn’t know enough about it. My granddaughter works for the heart hospital in the ICU. I went home, talked it over with her, and she checked into it. My granddaughter felt it might be something that could significantly help me. I agreed with her, contacted Dr. Chan, and he scheduled me for the procedure right away.

The surgery was not hard at all — simpler than I thought. The hardest part was the pain in the shoulder area and not using my right hand after surgery while I healed. But, and I have to emphasize this, the benefit of breathing, moving around, walking, and even seeing better without a challenge was incredible. I felt alive again! And these results outweigh dealing with the surgery.

There are no words to describe how much better I feel on the inside. I can read without glasses, and I walk every day. I even started doing things around the house, like cleaning and cooking dinner — in only three weeks. I noticed improvements in my breathing in the very first week. Overall, it is an incomparable experience to live again and enjoy life to the fullest.

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